On the Countdown to “Back to School” and Being a Lifelong Student.

My parents often teased me when I was in college about being a lifelong student. I was constantly wanting to take more classes, get my Masters and Phd, study abroad etc. They called me a nerd, lovingly of course, and said they understand my love of knowledge and learning. Looking back, I have become a lifelong student, but I haven’t pursued any of those previous factors that would have classified me as such. I’ve learned that we are all students of life, and learning should never cease…no wonder I became a teacher right?!

So when “Back to School” countdown time comes I find it a little funny because I never really left. Physically I may not have been in our brick & mortar school everyday from 7-3, but my heart is always focused on learning and teaching. All summer I’ve had adventures, met new people, learned a lot, gone to conferences, traveled a bit, spoke different languages, read multiple books, watched countless movies (Thank you Netflix!) and dreamed dreams about lesson plans and the students about to embark on a year with me.

I did not become a teacher for summer break, although the freedom summer allows is a nice perk and lots of people that criticize education seem to think I’m only in it for that. I became a teacher to inspire, enlighten, and continue to learn. So as I countdown to our 1st Day of School at BHMS, I get excited for the new historians I get to learn with over the next year. I can’t wait to learn what their passions are, how they see the world, and what kind of difference they’ll make. I love my job. I love being a learner/teacher.

Teaching is my profession and my calling. It saddens me to see articles about teacher shortages in my state. It’s a privilege to be trusted with the minds and hearts of my community’s children. I take it seriously, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be the lifelong student my parents always knew I’d be.


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