First things first…

Flying in, my heart was awakened by the mountains surrounding the city!  I can’t wait to explore them a bit, but I digress.  I got to Mae Sot, walked into the tiny airport and immediately saw Amy there waiting!! 

Amy picked me up in one of Outpour Movement’s trucks and we made a few stops to pick up necessities.  After that, we decided to go to Famous Ray’s, the restaurant with burgers, fried pickles, and Thai food that Outpour Movement started; and then I got an Arnold Palmer (my favorite drink for those who don’t know) at Braverly, Outpour’s bake shop/bag shop focused on empowering women in the community.  Yeah, don’t judge me…I am having plenty of authentic Thai experiences throughout the day, this just wasn’t one of those moments!  Sorry not sorry folks!

I’m realizing I haven’t really explained Outpour Movement to many of you…so that blog post is pending!  Until then check out Outpour Movement!

Amy and I then sat down with two of her Outpour colleagues, Michael and Mason, to discuss plans for Seeds, one of their ministry projects.  I came in this adventure and wrote the grant to Eli Lilly hoping to help and serve by teaching English and tech stuff…and I got my wish because immediately I learned we will be having a small project happening Saturday with some students from The Refuge, a family-style home for youth affected by the ongoing civil war in Burma!  

Outpour Movement very much lives out the verse…

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.  Galatians 6:9

For me, the Lilly Of Endowment Teacher Creativity Grant is about empowering me later on in my classroom…some might not feel like that’s rest and renewal as the grant application called for, but for my heart, purpose, passion…I know I’m in the place I’m supposed to be right now for this summer. 

Mae Sot is bigger than I pictured or from what I’d researched online.  It’s a melting pot of Burmese, Thai, American, British, South African, Russian people and those are just people I know of so far.  They drive on the left side of the road like the rest of Thailand.  There are a lot of NGO’s here working on the Burmese peace process, with refugee issues, etc.  It’s fascinating to me, and my world is growing with each person I talk to!  I have much more to learn.  I’ll share that in future posts!
Did this make any sense?!  It’s literally just a stream of thoughts coming from my journaling.  Ask questions if you have some!  I love questions!


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  1. It’s exciting reading your posts about Thailand having just been there in March. Is Mae Sot a popular tourist destination or is the population mostly Thai and volunteers? Among the NGOs are there many European young adults on gap years? In Sing Buri, that was most of my volunteer companions.

    PS: Is there a really loud bird that wakes you up in the morning? I don’t know what kind of bird it was in Sing Buri, but it was extremely loud and started squawking as soon as the sun came up.

    1. Mae Sot is mostly Thai and Burmese. It’s surrounding areas do have tourist spots because of the mountains surrounding! It’s very beautiful! However, the Mae La refugee camp is just north of here…so there is a significant number of foreigners working for refugees and Burmese peace. I haven’t seen many gap year people or backpackers.

      As for the loud bird…yes I know it well! I’ll see if Amy or the locals know more about it today.

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