I had a dream last night that included bacon.  Luckily, bacon in Thailand is for real bacon!  None of those blocks of big fat on my pizza in România!  Anyway, I knew I was going to Amy to her Thai language lesson and then to Braverly afterwards…so I held off on breakfast so I could have a bagel BLT and a tea at Braverly.

I’ve mentioned Braverly twice so I better explain what it is.  It started off as a bicycle shop to rent out bikes to people around Mae Sot, but it has evolved into one of Outpour Movement’s training centers for women.  They teach skills such as sewing, culinary arts, business management, and product development which is infused with an air of empowerment!  Pretty cool right!  The goal is sustainability, and I love that word and what it means for helping others live stable,  full, impactful lives!  

The mission is to help women from broken backgrounds, difficult circumstances, without options for education etc. develop their minds, bodies, and souls outside of fear and oppression.  Just today, I watched all the women bring out a muffin for an Outpour Movement staff member for her birthday.  They aren’t employees…they’re family!  

They sell handkerchiefs, bags, bracelets, coffee, tea, Arnold Palmers!!, etc…


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