La Revedere România…again

Bucuresti was fun, but it wasn’t why I went to România.  România is a beautiful country with lots to do and see, but they weren’t why I went either.  Târnăveni, my second home in my heart, was the reason.  

I haven’t kept in touch like I wanted.  I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted…but it was never about me.  That became abundantly clear once I let go of my fear of being a stranger in a place so important to me.  I wondered if people would remember me, I wondered if people cared…because oh how I do!  I pray for the people, for jobs and prosperity…and my soul hopes for the best.  

It didn’t occur to me that my people there, and I say “my” because I love them, felt the same.  It’s been 7 years since I walked those streets.  7 years!  And people stopped to talk as I drank my coffee on the terasa, the woman at my hotel asked me about life at breakfast, families of students shared stories and where the kids are now, and I was treated to A LOT of food and drinks!  

I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have gotten the chance to go back.  I can’t bring myself to type some of the kind things said to me about what it meant to them that I came back and how I loved their kids and them.  I did, I do!  They loved me well back then and for the past 3 days!  I’m forever grateful!

So La Revedere (Goodbye) once again.  Please know my heart is forever part Romanian.  


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